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Innocence en danger – UK


Innocence in Danger (IID) is a Worldwide Movement for Protection of Children against all forms of sexual abuse. Founded in January 1999, following UNESCO’s conference titled – “Child pornography and pedophilia on the Internet, a global challenge,” IID is a non for profit NGO, counting 12 offices around the world, and collaborating with other NGOs sharing the same mission, vision and commitments for minors .

Innocence in danger gathers activists, technology specialists, jurists, policy makers and economic and media professionals to raise international awareness about the growing scourge of pedo-criminality. IID focuses on advocation of child rights, education of violations in association with governmental bodies, non-European and international organizations, enterprises and people (schools, local communities, youth groups) for public awareness.


More about IID-UK:

It was formed in 2009 under the leadership of Homayra Sellier, President of Innocence In Danger. Its initiatives are funded solely by tax deductible donations.

Mission Statement:

  1. To help rehabilitate abused children in the UK through creative therapy sessions of art, drama and music. This encourages children to grow and effectuates positive change in a safe environment.
  2. To initiate and make available latest research in the UK that highlights the scale and severity of child abuse.
  3. To raise awareness of child abuse in the UK: Informing, Educating and Sensitizing communities about the magnitude and long term effects of child abuse in our society.
  4. IID-UK will work with other IID chapters to study and evaluate the human, physical, psychological and economic cost and impact of abuse on the society – and the best practices of post trauma therapies .

Vision Statement:

  1. To work alongside psychologists, doctors, family members and artists to offer quality rehabilitation programs for children.
  2. To replicate the IID model in major cities across the UK to continue touching more lives.
  3. To support research on child abuse in the UK and make findings available to the public to educate the society about the causes and different help communities.
  4. To set up a research unit in the long run to produce campaign reports and briefing papers to influence decision makers.

Philosophy: Research. Education. Rehabilitation.

  1. To support the proven benefits of creative therapy for abused children.
  2. To find effective solutions for helping affected children and their families.
  3. To continue organizing rehabilitation retreats with other offices of IID in Germany, Colombia, Switzerland and the US.
  4. To identify children that would most benefit from special treatments given by IID ****(USA) programmes and IID partner agencies.

Rehabilitation Retreats:

  1. These are full scholarship retreats for the children and their guardians i.e. attendance cost of the retreats, food, lodging and transportation are covered in full by IID.
  2. Testimonies by parents, guardians and clinical staffs attest to the impacts of programmes offered abroad.

“The experience and impact on the children is life changing because of unique breakthroughs in therapy that otherwise may never have been possible.”

A scientific study was carried out on Innocence in Danger resilience retreats in Germany and in Switzerland. The study covered 3 years of observation and presence to understand scientifically why the IID programme goes beyond classic forms of therapy.

Other Success Stories:

  1. Columbia: IID Columbia helps street children, who often become easy targets of pedophiles, by teaching them skills to earn a livelihood and become independent. Also forms of rehabilitation treatments such as latests cognitive and art therapies are used in the process, by world known experts.
  2. France: IID France helps with – juridical guidance, court case defence, governmental round table conferences on child protection issues, public forums, media publications and documentaries, intervention in schools, communication with investigators and police officers. It has also contributed towards the reinforcement of three legislations in France with the fourth legislation in progress:
  • Juridical protection of those who denounce child abuse.
  • Introduction of incest in the criminal code of France.
  • Juridical and total immunity of those who testify before members of parliament.
  • Changes to terminology “non-lieu” and “classes sans suite”, in court cases involving child abuse. i.e. if the raped or abused case has not been proven juridical.
  1. Germany: IID Germany helps with – juridical guidance, court case defence, governmental round table conferences on child protection issues, public forums, media publications and documentaries, intervention in schools, communication with investigators and police officers, with strong focus on child protection measures via the internet.
  2. United States of America and Switzerland: IID in these two countries develops creative and efficient rehabilitation programs for resilience of victims.
  3. IID is extending its work to Austria .

Visit this link to sign the petition against child abuse: https://www.change.org


 0844 800 9664

IID UK opened its first Helpline for victims of sexual abuse. Made possible by the support of Peter Garsden of Quality Solicitors Abney Garsden who run the largest dedicated department of specialised child abuse compensation solicitors in the U.K.

www.abuselaw.co.uk : This website aims to provide easy access to information for child and adult survivors of physical, sexual and psychological abuse on all aspects of this complex area of law. We have set up a U.K. helpline 0845 604 7075.

www.childabuselawyers.com : ACAL is an association set up for the benefit of lawyers, experts and professionals who are involved with obtaining compensation for the physical, sexual or emotional abuse of children. They also help adults abused in childhood, mentally handicapped people and others directly or indirectly affected by that abuse.


Innocence In Danger

19 Portland Place

London, W1B 1PX


Homayra Sellier- hsellier@hotmail.com

Jule Hanlon- jhanlon@innocenceindanger-uk.org